LILYARI "AI Skincare Formulator"
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Early Bird Offer

AI Advanced Care Kit
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Ultimate AI Care Set
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The cutting-edge technology equipment

"AI Skincare Formulator"

Using algorithms to deliver professional skin assessment
based on big data analysis and provide customers with Personalized Skin Types (MBTI).

Creating the exclusive skincare products consisting of essence and emulsion - formulated in an optimal ratio of 1:1

“Everyone’s skin has its own uniqueness.” LILYARI could make it easier for customers to find out what their skin needs with AI Skin Analyzer and Skincare Habit Questionnaire for skin diagnosis.

We are able to identify your skin concerns in detail, including redness, pores, wrinkles, oiliness, moisture, sensitivity and overall skin condition.

After analyzing 120,000 pieces of raw data for skin
+ AI algorithms make recommendations

about the personalized skincare kit in just 4 minutes.